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Gujarat and its Beautiful World of Handicrafts

HandiCrafts Traditionally speaking, the handicraft situation in Gujarat is a situation consisting of textile-based mostly things viz., inventive weaving, patola sarees, hand block printing on Mulmul, numerous embroideries on cushion covers, wall hangings, bed sheets etc., and numerous alternative varieties from the sector of non-textile things, it’s wood carving, inventive puppets creating, pataras, brass and […]

5 Villages in Bharat that area unit renowned for Handicrafts

5 Villages in Bharat that area unit renowned for Handicrafts India is a land of huge talent. The history of Bharat is incredibly wealthy with authorised facts and items of proof. From the terribly starting, art was given the preference and utmost importance in Bharat. The country’s historical action is joined to the art and […]

6 Interesting places to buy Indian Handicrafts

There’s one thing beyond question magic regarding Indian handicrafts. Unique, intricate, obvious and communicative, every item incorporates a story behind it. It’s not possible to come to Asian nation and return home empty-handed. Forget the ever-present handicraft emporiums and inspect these attention-grabbing places to shop for handicrafts in the Asian nation instead! If you actually […]