Gujarat and its Beautiful World of Handicrafts

Traditionally speaking, the handicraft situation in Gujarat is a situation consisting of textile-based mostly things viz., inventive weaving, patola sarees, hand block printing on Mulmul, numerous embroideries on cushion covers, wall hangings, bed sheets etc., and numerous alternative varieties from the sector of non-textile things, it’s wood carving, inventive puppets creating, pataras, brass and alloy inlay things, marqueterie boxes etc.
Hand Block Printing
Gujarat dominated the mobile cotton trade through ages and remains nowadays a serious producer of block prints. the mix of printing with mordant colouring is typical of the technique in several components of Gujarat. The ‘ajrakh’ resist printing of Anjar and Dhamadka in Kachchh is acknowledge. The ‘Mata-ni-Pachedi’, used for spiritual purpose created by the ‘Vaghries’ uses a mixture of block printing for the definition of the pattern and also the painting of the mordants.
Embroidery Work
Gujarat is understood for its embroidery in AN large style of designs and techniques. Here girls not solely embroider their ‘cholis’ and ‘ghagras’ however conjointly things for decorating their homes, like chaklas, wall hangings, pillow covers, quilts etc. there’s excellent harmony and distribution of the colouring, the colours flow into each other.
Tie & Die Work
Designs are drawn on the material, those areas to be resisted by the colour to be applied to the remainder of the material are tied with strings. once the material has been swaybacked within the needed colours, and also the whole method is over, the strings are removed and a style is created on the material.
Puppets and Stuff Toys
A puppet, originating from the Latin ‘pupa’ which means doll, is virtually a little scale figure sometimes with an artefact body and hollow head that matches over and is affected by the hand. Through puppets have remained in the Asian nation as objects of art, amusement and culture, puppetry looks to possess been enveloped within the windstorm of your time.
Clay and Terracotta Work
The representative clay pots to a range of clay figures and toys like horses, cows, bulls, buffaloes are the things that are terribly primarily a neighbourhood of Indian pottery. In Gujarat, tribes within the Dangs create and worship their own clay gods.
Bird Hangings
Pithora Paintings mean way more than colourful pictures hanging on the walls, for the tribes of Rathwas, Bhilals, and Naykas of Gujarat. They signify the appearance of AN auspicious occasion like weddings, kid Berit, festivals, within the family or community, The Pithora paintings with their colours and animated figures, mirror the emotions of their creators.
Leather Work
Leathercraft is small in form, composition, pattern and décor. the standard items are a lot of original, individualistic and colourful and for the most part adorned. Fascinating articles are created out of the animal skin like, cushion covers, bags, fans, to call many.
Wood Work
Wood carving could be a far-famed and ancient craft of Gujarat. Temples and recent homes offer the most effective example of the richness of this craft with projected balconies and floors of the mansions deeply etched. wood boxes and chests were once major dowery things.
Bead Work
Particular to Kachchh and Saurashtra in Gujarat, beadwork could be a dying art to that Gurjari is paying special attention. Beadwork or ‘motibharat’ because it is understood in Gujarat, is that the craft of constructing ornamental objects with beads.
Metal Work
Beautiful metal articles are created in many components of Gujarat, the most effective celebrated come back from Jamnagar, Wadhwan, Visnagar and Sihor. Rural objects of metal add Gujarat is divided into 2 categories.
Woven Work
The original tradition concerned silk x cotton woven yarn, that is currently changed into textile x cotton woven yarn. Weaving is completed principally in stripes, ekat patterns and dotted styles.
Applique and Patch work
beautiful applique is one in all the oldest and finest crafts of Gujarat. By victimisation completely different patches of cloth, stunning sorts of floral and animal styles are ready for quilts, hangings, fashionable house merchandise and apparels.
Mud Work
Clay craft is deep-rooted deeply into Gujarat’s ancient tradition and since then has continuing to enchant the planet. Gujarat is understood for its Terracotta, mud mirror work that has each afraid moreover as an aesthetic charm.
Rogan Painting
Rogan painting could be a distinctive craft and practised by only a few families. Rogan painting involves the employment of a thick paste that is ready by boiling the oil od herb, caster or flaxseed and running it into the water.
Tangaliya Work
Tangaliya a dotted woven textile of Surendranagar district, Saurashtra is found solely in Gujarat, is sometimes worn as a garment skirt by the ladies of the Bharwad shepherd community.
Indian temples are centres of art and design since past. every temple consistent with geographic location has their own art vogue, motifs, the illustration of deities and their stories.
Varli Painting
Earl painting could be a style of painting done by artisans at the border of Gujarat. Varli painting is that the craft of social group individuals. it’s common across the Asian nation. The philosophy of some way of life, particularly those of social group societies, is best delineate through colourful pictures.

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